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                About Us

                About Us

                Detail makes precision, achievement makes brilliance
                Shenzhen Changxing Technology Co., Ltd
                Focus on R & D and innovation in the field of superhard diamond abrasives, provide optical products and services for customers
                Excellent supplier of diamond grinding tools

                Changxing was established

                Well-known partners

                Customer service

                Shenzhen city Chang Xing Technology Co., Ltd. adhering to the 20 years of successful development experience, with its high quality products, outstanding reputation, strong development capacity has grown one of diamond abrasive manufacturers and suppliers for China's most outstanding, and further established the in optical products the status of the leading supplier in this field.


                Chang Xing with very competitive products and advanced technology to ensure the customers in the market competition is always in a leading position, Chang Xing product range across the optical glass, craft glass, sapphire glass, hard alloy and woodworking tools, iron and steel, magnetic materials, ceramics, stone, etc. a variety of deep processing industry. Together with the customer growth, Chang Xing success to the success of our customers, we adhere to the concept. Often the key to success is a continuous technological innovation and global partners reliable support. Chang Xing always pay attention to new products, new technology development, technology as the guide of philosophy, to ensure the Chang Xing the core competitiveness of the products. Chang Xing through the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, through the ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification was identified as high-tech enterprises in China, has been the support of the national special fund.

                In the field of super hard diamond abrasives, Chang Xing has not satisfied with merely the role of producer, and multi university research cooperation; Shenzhen technology conversion base was established; Chang Xingchao hard material industrial park laid the foundation stone for the construction; more than ten national invention patents obtained, which indicates that the Chang Xing from simple product makers gradually to the rule makers, new technology research and development.With the advantage of globalization, diamond tools, is bound to be your successful partner.